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Interpretation of the dream of sex with ex-girlfriend

Some dreambooks declare that it is possible that your feelings to her are still alive if you saw a dream about sex with ex girlfriend.

In line with the contemporary dreambook interpretation, intercourse together with your ex in a fantasy represents your unwillingness to let this union get.

And then this is a sign that he is not satisfied with the current relationship and all because he constantly compares his partners if the dreamer sees his own sex with his former lover as with someone else’s eyes.

In accordance with Miller, a dream of sex together with your ex girl is a symbol promising that brand new acquaintances and intimate connection will come in yourself quickly. Mostly probable you may be currently familiar with your partner that is future will be your colleague or neighbor, as an example.

This means that your future partner will be sincere in her feelings to you if your ex girlfriend was hugging you during sex.

It’s also a indication of brand new love if you see quite another woman into the image of one’s ex girl.

Relating to Medea’s dreambook, in the event that you had intercourse together with your ex and a scandal burst out after that, such plot is just a icon of mistakes and miscalculations. If you had an agenda to meet a few of your opinions, you really need to wait a bit, or else you will fail.

You should better transfer the date to another date, because such plot predicts difficulties and misunderstandings if you had a dream about sex with your ex on the eve of a date with a new girl.

The Wanderer’s dreambook considers sex with ex girl in a fantasy as a symbol of modifications. In case your ex ended up being an energetic person, you will be anticipating trips and adventures you also didn’t think about. (más…)

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